EduCamp 2023


Best programme designed for professionals and any learner interested in Cisco CCNA Networking. Invest in yourself. Upgrade your knowledge. Improve your personal skills in the IT field.

GITI EduCamp

A genuine programme combining technical learning, outdoor activities with visits and personal development seminars.

1. Cisco CCNA Networking Routing & Switching

Three Modules: 

  • CCNAv7 Introduction to Networks
  • CCNAv7 Switching, Routing & Wireless essentials
  • CCNAv7 Enterprise Networking, Security & Automation 

2. Personal Development Seminars
3. Visits to local industry and outdoor activities 

GITI As a Cisco Academy since 2001, runs 5 to 8 sessions/year. Therefore, we accommodate with foreign students making their journey as easy as possible to allow them to study in good conditions. We are very flexible in terms of:

Breakdown of the courses:


Intake and frequency of classes: